100 Years of Anthroposophic Medicine



100 years Anthroposophic Medicine

The contribution of Anthroposophic Medicine to the pillars and the further development of Integrative Medicine.

In this mini symposium, celebrating the 100 years anniversary of Anthroposophic Medicine (due too COVID, one year later than planned), we will introduce the anthroposophic worldview and demonstrate the Anthroposophic Medicine contributions (values, concepts, scientific and practice methods, prevention and treatment strategies, innovations) to the four Integrative Medicine pillars.

  1. 5 mins
    • Anthroposophic Medicine
    Introduction: the four pillars of Integrative Medicine and the contribution of Anthroposophic Medicine
  1. 25 mins
    • Anthroposophic Medicine
    Practical use of the AM whole medical system concepts of the three- and fourfoldness

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