Congress Committee Members


The European Congress for Integrative Medicine have a team of multi-professional experts who will work together to review and select presentations to deliver a world class congress on holistic, patient-centred medicine.

The committee members have been invited to sit on one or more committees representing; research, clinical care, traditional, international, educational and arts & healthcare to provide a fully integrative programme representing multi-disciplines from across the globe.
  • Rupy Aujla

    Dr Rupy Aujla

    GP and Founder, The Doctor's Kitchen, UK
  • Erik Baars

    Prof Erik Baars

    Professor of Anthroposophic Medicine, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Iris Bell

    Mrs Iris Bell

    Professor Emeritus of Family & Community Medicine, University of Arizona, USA
  • Saul Berkovitz

    Dr Saul Berkovitz

    Consultant, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UK
  • Amit Bhargava

    Dr Amit Bhargava

    Council Member and Medical Director, AYUSH Collaboration Projects, College of Medicine, UK
  • Benno Brinkhaus

    Prof Benno Brinkhaus

    MD, Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology, and Health Economics, Charité -Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
  • Opher Caspi

    Dr Opher Caspi

    Director of both Integrative Medicine and Cancer Survivorship programs, Davidoff Cancer Center, Rabin Medical Center, Israel
  • Mike Cummings

    Dr Mike Cummings

    Medical Director, British Medical Acupuncture Society, UK
  • Michael Dixon

    Dr Michael Dixon

    GP and National Clinical Lead for Social Prescription NHS England, Chairman, The College of Medicine, UK
  • Tobias Esch

    Prof Tobias Esch

    Director, Primary Care Clinic for Integrative Health Care Institute, Witten/Herdecke University (UWH), Germany
  • Torkel Falkenberg

    Prof Torkel Falkenberg

    Associate Professor in Health Care Research, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Iva Fattorini

    Dr Iva Fattorini

    Founder, Artocene, UK
  • Andrew Flower

    Dr Andrew Flower

    Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton, Principle, White Crane Academy, UK
  • Isabel Giralt

    Dr Isabel Giralt

    Vice President, SESMI, Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinic ENERGIMED. Health Acupuncture Unit, Dexeus University Women's Clinic, Spain
  • Sarah Grant

    Sarah Grant

    Board member of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and Manager of Macmillan Patient Information and Health and Wellbeing Manager, Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre, UK
  • Aviad Haramati

    Prof Aviad Haramati

    Division of Integrative Physiology, Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA
  • Frederick Hecht

    Dr Frederick Hecht

    Professor of Medicine and Research Director, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, USA
  • John Hughes

    Dr John Hughes

    Director of Research, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UCLH NHS Trust, UK
  • Alyson Huntley

    Dr Alyson Huntley

    Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol, UK
  • Dominik Irnich

    Prof Dominik Irnich

    President, German Medical Acupuncture Association and Senior Physician, Department of Anaesthesiology, Head of the Multidisciplinary Pain Center, University of Munich (LMU), Campus Innenstadt, Germany
  • Tim Joss

    Mr Tim Joss

    Chief Executive and Founder, Aesop, UK
  • Rob Lawson

    Dr Rob Lawson

    Chairman & Co-Founder, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, UK
  • Ava Lorenc

    Dr Ava Lorenc

    Senior Research Associate (Qualitative Research), University of Bristol, UK
  • Victoria Maizes

    Prof Victoria Maizes

    Executive Director Andrew Weil Center for Integrative and Professor of Clinical Medicine, Family Medicine and Public Health, University of Arizona, USA
  • Jacqueline Mardon

    Dr Jacqueline Mardon

    Associate Specialist and the Clinical Lead, NHS Centre for Integrative Care, UK
  • Simon Mills

    Dr Simon Mills

    Secretary of the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy, Past President, the British Herbal Medicine Association. Herbal Strategist,, Pukka Herbs, UK
  • Michael Moore

    Prof Michael Moore

    Academic GP & Professor of Primary Care Research, University of Southampton, UK
  • Tabatha Parker

    Dr Tabatha Parker

    Executive Director, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM), USA
  • David Peters

    Prof David Peters

    Clinical Director, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Westminster, UK
  • Karen Pilkington

    Dr Karen Pilkington

    Independent Research Consultant and Evidence Advisor, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • Marie Polley

    Dr Marie Polley

    Past-Chair, British Society for Integrative Oncology. Board Member, the Society for Integrative Oncology. Co-Chair, Social Prescribing Network, UK
  • Clare Relton

    Dr Clare Relton

    Senior Lecturer in Clinical Trials at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Blizard Institute - Barts & The London, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
  • Nicola Robinson

    Prof Nicola Robinson

    Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Health, London Southbank University, UK
  • Elio Rossi

    Prof Elio Rossi

    Director of the Coordination Center, Complementary Medicine of Health Unit, Italy
  • Gary Smyth

    Dr Gary Smyth

    GP, Homeopathic Physician and President , Faculty of Homeopathy, UK
  • Duncan Still

    Dr Duncan Still

    Integrative Doctor, National Centre for Integrative Medicine and Penny Brohn, UK
  • Jacqui Stringer

    Jacqui Stringer

    Clinical & Research Lead for the Complementary Health & Wellbeing Services, The Christie NHS Trust, UK
  • Michael Teut

    Dr Michael Teut

    Senior Physician, Charité Outpatient Department for Integrative Medicine and Clinical Researcher, Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics at Charité Universitätsmedizin, Germany
  • Madan Thangavelu

    Prof Madan Thangavelu

    Genome Biologist, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK. Research Director, European Ayurveda Association, Germany
  • Elizabeth Thompson

    Dr Elizabeth Thompson

    CEO and Holistic Doctor, National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM), UK
  • Trevor Thompson

    Prof Trevor Thompson

    Professor of Primary Care Education, University of Bristol, UK
  • Miguel Toribio-Mateas

    Mr Miguel Toribio-Mateas

    Research fellow in brain-gut-microbiota axis and mental health, School of Applied Sciences, London South Bank University, UK
  • Esther Van der Werf-Kok

    Dr Esther Van der Werf-Kok

    Epidemiologist, Program Manager Nutrition & Health, Louis Bolk Instituut, The Netherlands
  • Rob Verkerk

    Dr Rob Verkerk

    Founder, Executive & Scientific Director, Alliance for Natural Health International
  • John Weeks

    John Weeks

    Editor-in-chief , The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and the Integrator Blog, USA
  • Andrew Weil

    Prof Andrew Weil

    Founder and Director, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, USA
  • Merlin Willcox

    Dr Merlin Willcox

    Academic Clinical Lecturer, University of Southampton, UK
  • Stefan Willich

    Prof Stefan Willich

    Director Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics, Charité -Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
  • Catherine Zollman

    Dr Catherine Zollman

    Medical Director, Penny Brohn, UK
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