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04 Nov 2021

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Acupuncture in persons with an increased stress level - Results from a randomized controlled pilot trial

Introduction: It is known that chronic stress is a risk factor or amplifier for various physical and psychological complaints or diseases. The prevalence of stress-related complaints has increased considerably in recent years. First evidence suggests that acupuncture could serve as treatment option for persons affected adversely by increased stress. The aim of the study was to investigate whether stress reduction can be achieved through acupuncture.

Keywords: chronic stress, acupuncture, chinese medicine


Ms. Judith Brenner - Dr. med. - Medical University Hospital Heidelberg
Ms. Yvonne Samstag - Prof. Dr. med. - University Hospital Heidelberg
Ms. Stefanie Joos - Prof. Dr. med. - Medical University Hospital Tuebingen
Ms. Beate Wild - apl. Prof. Dr. sc. hum. - Medical University Hospital Heidelberg


Dr. Dr. Jan Valentini, Medical University Hospital Tuebingen - Germany

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