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Antimicrobial Resistance - Part 2

05 Nov 2021
Antimicrobial Resistance

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Alternatives for AMR

Introduction: Lyme Disease is a multi-system bacterial infectious disease caused by the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi with infected ticks as the primary vector. Lyme is a global problem, as the CDC estimates at least 30,000 cases per yr alone in the USA, (surveys done by those labs which test for Lyme brings that total up to 300,000 annually). In Europe the number of those affected is 65,000 per year. Several herbal antimicrobials have shown a good measure of success in treating Lyme either as a standalone or by combining with a common antibiotic treatment like dioxycline.


Michelle Tonkin, Naturopathic Doctor, Healthy Solutions for All - USA

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