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Arts in Healthcare

05 Nov 2021
Arts in Healthcare

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Creative arts therapies for the emotional and mental recovery of the most vulnerable, with a case study about asylum seekers in Spain

When a child is caught in the chaos of natural or man-made disasters and that he is physically not hurt, he may not be a priority for the humanitarian organizations who care for the immediate survival of victims of such dramatic circumstances, yet the trauma is in the mind of the child and if their wellbeing is not being addressed rapidly, this child may carry the consequences of such devastating event for the rest of his or her life. The Red Pencil's purpose is to attend to all those situations which are not attended to, in a novel, yet evidence-based way through the power of arts therapy to ensure individual healing and harmonious peace for our community.

The Red Pencil is a pioneer international humanitarian organization (registered in Singapore, Geneva, Dubai and Brussels, with a network of 1500 certified art therapists) whose mission is to bring the benefits of arts therapy to children and families who have been through such overwhelming life circumstances for which they have no words.

The creative process of drawing, music, movement and dance allows them to express the unspeakable, to experience release and relief, to find new resources, gain self-confidence and feel empowered to move on towards a more hopeful and happier life. At The Red Pencil, we are dedicated to the resilience and long-term recovery of the most vulnerable from all walks of life.

This talk will also provide a concrete example of one of the red pencil latest mission for asylum seekers in Malaga, Spain, in partnership with the Spanish Red Cross.

Laurence de Groote Vandenborre, Registered Art Therapist, Founder and Managing Director, The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission - Switzerland

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