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07 Nov 2021

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Looking beyond the 'Homeopathy is placebo' echo chamber

Introduction: Homeopathy continues to be controversial in many countries, with the science and politics surrounding this topic being closely intertwined. This debate was originally ignited by a Lancet meta-analysis which concluded (based on a sub-set of 8 out of 110 trials, with no sensitivity analysis) that homeopathy had no effect beyond placebo (Shang et al. 2005).   The accompanying Editorial, 'The end of homeopathy', triggered widespread media attention, thrusting homeopathy into the spotlight. Although the Editor's assessment proved incorrect, the sector has witnessed an increasing divergence between the status of the evidence as understood by experts in the field, and how this data is reported by academics from other disciplines and in mainstream media.  An objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the clinical evidence base will be presented, including analysis of placebo controlled trials up to 2020. HRI's latest work will also be presented ' from an official challenge against NHMRC for misreporting, to our proactive work facilitating high quality new studies and accurate dissemination of existing evidence at an international level. Whilst the long-term aim is to finally silence the anti-homeopathy echo chamber and move the sector beyond this decades-old debate, in the short-term HRI's aims are more modest ' to encourage those with a truly open mind to take a look at this topic from a fresh perspective.

Keywords: Homeopathy, Misreporting, Australian Report, NHMRC Homeopathy Review 2015


Rachel Roberts, Chief Executive, HRI Research - UK

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