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Lifestyle Medicine

04 Nov 2021
Lifestyle Medicine

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Reward mechanisms in health behavior change processes

Introduction: With increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related chronic diseases worldwide, understanding health behavior change and development of successful interventions to change behavior is gaining increasing interest among politicians, scientists, therapists and patients alike. A number of health behavior change theories have been developed aiming at explaining health behavior change and understanding the domains that make change more likely. Until now, only a few studies have taken into account automatic, implicit or non-cognitive aspects of behavior, including emotion, positive affect, or endogenous reward and motivation. Recent progress in the neuroscience of reward systems can provide further insights into the relevance of such domains.

Co-Authors: Mr Tobias Esch - Professor - Witten/Herdecke University


Dr Maren M Michaelsen, PostDoctoral researcher, Witten/Herdecke University - Germany

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