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Lifestyle Medicine

04 Nov 2021
Lifestyle Medicine

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The feasibility of a lifestyle intervention for severe mood and / or anxiety disorders

Background: Working on preventive or therapeutic lifestyle changes is receiving increasing attention within (mental) health care. Despite accumulating evidence lifestyle interventions are still rarely applied and often focused on one lifestyle aspect only, while a combined program may increase effectiveness. The researchers developed a combined lifestyle intervention for mental health care (CLI-MHC) to induce sustainable behavioral change based on the principles of behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy and Kaizen.. The aim of this study is to investigate the feasibility of CLI-MHC in patients with a severe mood and / or anxiety disorder, and to assess behavioral change and provisional effects on symptoms, well-being and happiness.

Keyword: combined lifestyle intervention, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, behavior change


SH Booij, CD Wester, V Gurvits, E Nederhof, E Steffek, HJR Hoenders


Dr Rogier Hoenders, Psychiatrist, Senior Researcher, Lentis - Netherlands

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