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Mental Health and Stress Management

07 Nov 2021
Mental Health & Stress Management

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Mental Health and cannabinoids

Cannabinoids and their relationship and potential applications to mental wellbeing, mental health and specific diseases is a complex, rapidly evolving area of medicine.  Most physicians, however, do not feel well educated in the up to date evidence based information and clinical approaches within this class of medicine, which until recently has only been thought about in a negative context with respect to mental health.  We will explore the different cannabinoid medicines currently available and their potential clinical uses including anxiety and mood disorders, caution areas, contraindications and common questions including the complex relationship between cannabis and psychosis and what it means for clinicians from a physician expert with years of prescribing cannabinoids for patients with mental health diagnoses and neuropsychiatric symptoms. 

Dr Dani Gordon, Medical & Integrative Doctor & Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Expert - UK

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