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Mind Body Connection

06 Nov 2021
Mind and Body Connection

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Effects of mindfulness-based interventions on stress in university students - : A meta-analysis

Introduction: The transitional phase of the college years is often associated with an enormous change in personal circumstances and the occurrence of new challenges for students and therefore might lead to an increase of perceived stress. Stress is associated with a range of adverse outcomes such as a higher risk to develop a mental disorder. Nearly one third of the students in higher education settings fulfil the criteria for at least one mental disorder. Evidence-based interventions to promote mental health are needed. This systematic review investigates into the effects of mindfulness-based interventions to reduce stress in university students.


Mrs Clara Seifert - research assistant - University of Potsdam
Mrs Friederike Deeken - scientific assistant - University of Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Rapp - Professor - University of Potsdam


Anna Rezo, University of Potsdam - Germany

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