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Patient Activation and Self-Management

04 Nov 2021
Patient Activation & Self-Management

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Integrative approach - empowering patients with skills to self-manage chronic conditions

Introduction: The Holistic Day Service at the award winning NHS Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow is a Nurse led programme which focuses on helping people living with long term health conditions to optimise their General Health & Well Being. The Service is delivered by an experienced, award winning team of Nurses, Physiotherapists, Complementary Therapist and Doctors.Our purpose is to provide Gold Standard individualised person centred holistic care for patients with complex chronic health issues. We create a therapeutic space which gives patients the confidence to acknowledge and accept their conditions. This Acceptance allows them to access and utilise the Knowledge we provide in our structured programme so that they can improve their Wellbeing and optimise their potential for self-management and self-care.


Ms Katrina Bissett - Clinical Nurse Specialist - NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Mrs Carol Fairley - Clinical Nurse Specialist - NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Mr Michael Mackinnon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde - UK

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