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Planetary & Environmental Health

07 Nov 2021
Planetary & Environmental Health

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Chronic pathology resulting from exposure to mold and mycotoxins

The lecture will start with an introduction to mycotoxins, i.e. their origin and a classification of the most common mycotoxins. Then, focus will shift to the toxic effects of mycotoxins, referring to the three systems that are most affected: gastrointestinal toxicity, neurotoxicity, and immune toxicity. For each of these systems, the basic mechanism will first be discussed, followed by an illustration of how toxicity disrupts the system.  The lecture will show the toxic effects on this system and the local and systemic results. The lecture will include an overview of possibilities of treatments referring to a global, multisystemic treatment approach, taking into account the duration and severity of exposure, underlying health conditions and nutritional status including individual basic immune response.

Dr Pol De Saedeleer, Board of Directors, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation - Belgium

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