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Planetary & Environmental Health

07 Nov 2021
Planetary & Environmental Health

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Climate change – the challenges for public health

Our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. This not only has impacts on the planet but also on human health. The effects of climate change will continue to disrupt the basic requirements for health such as clean water, clean air, adequate food and will furthermore exacerbate underlying social, economic, and ecological factors that cause illness and premature death. The sequels of climate change should not be considered in isolation but also other factors of environmental change such as pollution, biodiversity loss and land use change need to be included. Heat exhaustion, ragweed asthma, tiger mosquitoes - the effects of the global climate and environmental crisis are increasingly affecting our health. Allergies are on the rise, new pathogens are spreading, more and more people are developing fears in the

face of changes in their environment. To ignore the effects of anthropogenic climate change would hence not only be disastrous for the planet but also have wide-ranging and complex problems for human health.


Prof Dr Claudia Traidl-Hoffman, Professorship Environmental Medicine, Technical Unversity of Munich School of Medicine - Germany

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