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Research and Evaluation

06 Nov 2021
Research and Evaluation

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Co-creation of an evidence-based toolkit to facilitate communication on complementary medicine between GPs and CC practitioners

Introduction: Most patients in the Netherlands desire a general practitioner (GP) who listens, inquires about the use of Complementary Medicine (CM) and refers to Complementary Care (CC) practitioners if necessary. However, GPs have limited knowledge on CM, and so find themselves unable to refer patients to CC practitioners. The aim of this project was to develop an evidence-based toolkit for GPs and CC practitioners in order to facilitate communication and referral to CM.


Mrs Martine Busch - IM specialist - Van Praag Institute
Dr. Miek Jong - Prof public health - The Arctic University of Norway, NAFKAM


Dr Herman van Wietmarschen, Researcher, Louis Bolk Institute - Netherlands

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