OptiBac Probiotics

Stand: B29

OptiBac Probiotics is a UK based family-run business which specialises entirely in live cultures. They pride themselves in selecting high quality strains that have been scientifically researched and clinically trialled.

Their expertise allows them to select specific strains based on scientific research, giving your clients a natural product that’s right for them.

Each strain in their products undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is stable at room temperature, survives stomach acidity, reaches the gut alive, and adheres to the gut wall lining. They also guarantee the billions count on all their products until the point of expiry!

OptiBac Probiotics have formulas suitable for everyone from infants, pregnant & breastfeeding mothers, vegetarians/vegans, to people with active lifestyles. With 12 different supplements in the range, all free from artificial sweeteners, additives, flavours, preservatives and with no added colourings, the products make a great alternative to sugary yogurt drinks.


21 & 22 Mayfield Avenue Industrial Park
SP11 8HU
United Kingdom


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