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Ally Jaffee

Dr Ally Jaffee

NHS Junior Dr, Co-founder Nutritank, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur & 2021 Diana Award recipient - UK, UK
United Kingdom

Dr Ally Jaffee is an NHS junior doctor, passionate about mental health and nutrition. She is a recent Diana Award winner, keen entrepreneur and co-founder of Nutritank.

Dr Jaffee has just been accepted onto the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurship Programme. Four years ago, she co- founded a BBC award- winning community interest company called Nutritank, with a mission to promote greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine education within healthcare training. Particularly, as chronic and lifestyle-related disease like Diabetes and Heart Disease are on the rise in the Western World. Nutritank has obtained competitive grants over the years. They also work closely with Jamie Oliver and his public health campaigns team, having featured in his Channel 4 television show to promote Nutritank. Nutritank has also been invited to speak at several Medical Innovation Conferences, including Royal Society of Medicine and Oxford University. To date, the founders have created a national network of Nutritank branches at 25 Medical Schools in the U. K. (2/3 of U.K. Medical Schools).  


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