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Dr Andrea Evers

Prof Dr Andrea Evers

Professor of Health Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Andrea W.W. Evers is professor of Health Psychology and chair of the Health-Medical-and-Neuropsychology-Unit at Leiden University, the Netherlands. After her PhD (cum laude), Andrea Evers obtained several personal grants and awards for excellent researchers (e.g. NWO-Veni, NWO-Vidi, NWO Vici, ERC Consolidator Grant) for her innovative, interdisciplinary and translational research on psychoneurobiological mechanisms and treatments for health and disease.

In addition to her broad clinical experience as a registered clinical psychologist, she uniquely combines fundamental and applied science in her translational research, by focusing both on basic research on psychoneurobiology (e.g. placebo mechanisms) and translational research on screening and innovative interventions for somatic conditions (e.g. e-health tools).  In 2019, she was elected as a member of the Dutch Royal Academy of Science and Arts (KNAW) and received the Stevin Award, the highest award in the Netherlands for scientific research with societal impact. She published more than 200 international papers or chapters in her research field.


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