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Ashish Bhatia

Dr Ashish Bhatia

GP, NHS and, UK
United Kingdom

Dr Ashish Bhatia BSC (Hons), MBChB, DFFP, RCGP, ITEC (holistic massage), IYN (yoga), CBT I (sleep optimisation)

Ashish is the founder of Humble (, a university tutor, advisor on the board of the British Holistic Medical Association and GP (which playfully means gentle presence to him). He loves these jobs because he helps people bring out their best and they bring out the best in him too. His work emerged from over 20 years of experience in frontline medicine, holistic healthcare, pioneering research and a year sitting on a mountainside watching a waterfall. He feels honoured to work in healthcare which over the years has reminded him to appreciate life and inspires him to be a better Dad and gardener. He aspires to respond to challenges with grace and is fascinated by all aspects of life, specialising in sleep and performance optimisation. He is currently guiding a group of doctors in a 'Humble way' of practicing healthcare.


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