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Pol De Saedeleer

Dr Pol De Saedeleer

Board of Directors, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation, Belgium

As a Doctor in Pharmaceutical Science Pol De Saedeleer received his degree and training at the University of Louvain, where he graduated from in 1991. He obtained his Master's degree in Nutritional & Phytotherapeutical Therapies at IMPB in Louvain-La-Neuve and his Master's degree in Homeopathic Practice at VSU in Ghent.

In his daily activities as a pharmacist Pol De Saedeleer is focused on enhancing therapeutic results by choosing the most bioavailable molecules and optimal delivery systems in consultations with medical doctors throughout Europe and beyond. He translates science-based ingredient research into practical information and useful applications. Asked to present at medical conferences, more intimate workshops, and one-on-one information sessions, he provides evidence-oriented medicine and pharmaceutical and nutritional recommendations to improve patient health.

He is also Director of a Belgian compounding pharmacy and Scientific Director of Nutrined/Researched Nutritionals, located in the Netherlands and active all over the world. Pol De Saedeleer has taken a particular interest in dealing with Lyme disease. He has given seminars and workshops regarding this topic all over Europe, including ILADS and A4M. As part of the Belgian medical community, Pol De Saedeleer was selected as chairperson for the first ever Belgian Lyme Committee that took place in Antwerp in September 2015.In 2016 he accepted the position of Chairman of the European ILADS Committee. He was immediately looking forward to assuming that new responsibility and joining forces with this team of Committee members to focus on procuring information and education to medical professionals treating Lyme disease. Organizing transparent communication, supporting medical professionals and hosting conferences and workshops have since been key in the European ILADS Committee. In 2018 he was chosen as Board Director of ILADEF, the foundation and scientific board representing Europe in the international medical association ILADS. ILADS' goal is educating doctors in immune-related and multi-infectious pathologies by organising conferences and specific physician training programmes.

Over the years, Pol has built an extensive network of medical professionals and his focus in all his professional activities has always been that of building bridges between different medical communities. That is also why over the past years he has been invited to lecture at several conferences, among others on integrative medicine, functional medicine and environmental medicine. Some of his other commitments focus around physician training programmes, in which hands-on training, interaction and finding practical solutions for protocols are always of the utmost importance. As a result of his extensive experience of speaking at international conferences throughout the years, Pol has been asked to be on the scientific programme chair of several conferences over the next years.


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