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Torako Yui

Dr Torako Yui

Farmer of Natural Farming

A leading person of homoeopathy in Japan.  In 1996, she began full-scale introduction activities of homoeopathy to bring its benefits to Japan, where homeopathy did not exist, and succeeded in laying the foundation in Japan in a short period of time.
After many years of clinical experience, she realized that there are spiritual causes such as inner child (mental illness) and karma in cases where homoeopathic remedies alone cannot cure.

She established ZEN Homoeopathy, which treats the soul, mind, and body as a trinity, brought innovation to the homoeopathy world.
ZEN Homoeopathy is a treatment that adds Inner Child Healing, spirituality improvement and healthy diet to homoeopathic remedy prescription.

She always pursues the true health and happiness of people, and she herself became a farmer of natural farming and conducts educational activities about the importance of food, which is the basis of it. While grasping things from multiple perspectives, the content of the lecture that touches the chords based on the love for all life created by the gods and Buddha has been highly evaluated both at home and abroad.

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