General Naturopathic Council

The aims of the General Naturopathic Council are: To maintain high standards and fitness to practice, to maintain high standards of education and to act as a resource for people seeking well qualified practitioners.

As more and more people choose natural healthcare practitioners alongside conventional medical treatments, the public and medical professions are becoming more interested in the safe practice and efficacy of natural therapies.

In conjunction with the government agency Skills for Health, the GNC has developed National Occupational Standards for Naturopathic Practitioners.

The General Naturopathic Council (GNC) is the regulator for Naturopathy in the UK. To be a competent Naturopath, a practitioner must have completed a standard and amount of training. GNC is the body that ensures Naturopaths have completed this standard of training and agree to abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics. Members of the public who want to visit a Naturopath should seek GNC registration as a mark of quality, professionalism and conduct.

Naturopathic educational standards are maintained by GNC who sets the core curricula and entry requirements throughout the UK. If you are embarking on training for Naturopathy, seek out training from a GNC accredited provider to ensure you are meeting the UK National Standard.

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