Portuguese Society of Integrative Medicine

The Portuguese Society of Integrative Medicine are group health professionals interested in the field of Integrative Medicine.

They promote and disseminate the concept and practice of integrative medicine in Portuguese society and support and promote scientific events related to Integrative Medicine.

They ensure compliance with ethical standards in professional practice, particularly with regard to integrative medicine and provide advice to the government in the field of public health and especially in the model proposed by the Integrative Medicine.

The encourage exercise in the field of Integrative Medicine in university undergraduate and graduate programs, with special attention to the continuing education of its members, accrediting these when necessary.

They participate in the regulation of the forms of access to specialised programs and national and international masters - through cooperation agreements between SPMI and higher education institutions in the area of ​​MI.

They also cooperate with international organisations concerned, establish agreements and develop joint projects.

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