The Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine (SESMI) is created by a group of professionals from various health areas with the aim of promoting and disseminating the concept that integrative medicine represents within Spanish society, organising and protecting professionals who work from rigor and improve the health of the population.

  • It is an instrument of organisation of professionals that are grouped from their original official area (doctors, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, nutritionists, etc ...) within the scientific society -because health and integrative medicine is done in teams or in network and based on group work-, and choose specialised areas of interest.
  • SESMI will behave as guarantor of the quality and rigor of work in integrative medicine in defense of qualified professionals and to guarantee patients.
  • It will support quality training program, and promote general information to society as well as research studies disseminating them by their own methods or established by the scientific community.
  • It will promote international agreements with other work organisations in support of global health and integrative health.
  • He will apply for the defense of the work of professionals in this medical model and will seek to establish fruitful relationships with official institutions for the benefit of the population's health.

All of its partners are health professionals : medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, podiatry, psychology, pharmacy etc., which add to the regulated university education in health sciences, complementary training in other safe and effective techniques , such as acupuncture , homeopathy, nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, neural therapy, phytotherapy, posturology, psychotherapeutic approach or ozone therapy, etc.

Its specialists work with this method of integrative medicine in a coordinated way in a new model of patient care articulated with conventional medicine . It is about improving people's living conditions , minimising the side effects of pharmacology and increasing the quality of life , also from prevention, all with the patient at the center of the process.

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